Why we love hemp

  • The Rise of Eco-Friendly Pet Products: Why Hemp is Leading the Way

    From the materials we use at Bobbies BowWow to the way we package our products, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to the world of hemp, a sustainable superstar in the world of pet accessories.

  • Debunking Myths: Safety and Durability of Hemp Dog Accessories

    Hemp fabric is known for its breathability and softening over time. This means that as your pet wears their hemp collar or leash, it becomes increasingly comfortable, ensuring a pleasant experience for your furry friend

  • Hemp v Other Materials: A Comparison

    Hemp vs. Other Materials (Cotton and Linen). A breakdown of the differences between the materials and the environmental benefits of hemp. 

  • Wagging with Style: Bobbies BowWow - The Eco-Friendly Hemp Accessories for Pawsome Pooches in Australia

    Welcome to the world of Bobbies BowWow, where sustainability meets style. In this article, we'll explore the eco-friendly dog accessories crafted from the versatile and sustainable material - Hemp! Discover how Bobbies BowWow is leading the pack in providing tail-wagging fashion with a green conscience for our four legged friends all across Australia.
  • Benefits of hemp pet accessories

    Hemp pet accessory benefits
  • Why we love hemp

    Why do we use hemp for our products? Here are some of our top reasons: STRENGTH Hemp is strong and durable - it is one of the strongest products ...