About Us


Bobbie's BowWow is named after our black labrador Bobbie. Ever since Bobbie was a puppy he hated wearing collars and would scratch constantly. We knew there had to be a product that was kind not only to our pets but also the planet and that is when we discovered the many benefits of hemp. 

We know that there are other pups that have sensitive skin or allergies or dog owners who want to use eco-friendly products so that is why we love that we can share the goodness of hemp.

Hemp is not only great for our pets but it is also eco-friendly. Hemp crops use less water than cotton, are pesticide free, require less land to grow the crops and every piece of the hemp plant can be used in various products so there is no wastage. 

Hemp is one of the strongest textiles available and is durable and salt water friendly. Hemp is low irritant and is perfect for pets with skin allergies.

All our collars and leashes are designed and made in Australia. Our harnesses are designed in Australia and we are in the process of manufacturing them in Australia. All of our products are ethically made. 

Oh and by the way, Bobbie has "Lab tested" our products so you can be guaranteed that they are strong and robust. Bobbie is a 40kg bundle of power and energy!