Why we love hemp

Why do we use hemp for our products?

Here are some of our top reasons:


Hemp is strong and durable - it is one of the strongest products available for pet accessories. We admit that Bobbie is not the best trained pup on walks. He does tend to pull if he gets excited or smells something that excites him and wants to get to it immediately! He is a 38kg powerhouse and our products have withstood his strength. 


The hemp plant only takes about four months to grow. It regenerates the soil, uses minimal water and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Hemp webbing is biodegradable, where synthetic plastic based webbing sheds microscopic pieces of plastic into the environment, which end up in the soil and waterways causing untold damage to the planet and us! Also, once your hemp accessory has reached its end of life you can compost our products 🌱


Our organic hemp webbing is soft and gets softer with use. Hemp is not only kind to your pups but also to your hands! It is soft and supple and comfortable to hold. Hemp will reduce any hair loss or chafing by rubbing on your dog as it is a gentle fabric. Hemp is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial and is resistant to mildew and mold. 

Hemp is also salt water friendly and we take the boys to the beach most weekends wearing their hemp gear.  A quick rinse when we're finished is all we need to do to get ready for our next adventure.  

We want your pup to be as comfortable as possible. 


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